VI decision support for road infrastructure

InfraVi AB is a Swedish company that offers analysis and decision support for maintenance and planning of road infrastructure. VI, Visual Intelligence is a concept related to AI when applied to a virtual world.

New solutions in several areas

We have a flexible technology platform where we can offer a variety of solutions. Some examples are high quality street views, digital twin, inventory of objects, quality analysis of objects, in-depth asphalt analysis and air analysis.

Partner with technology leader

We are exclusive partner in the field of road infrastructure with a global technology leader in VI/AI. Since 2019, we have developed three hardware solutions (image, asphalt in-depth and air) for data collection that are integrated with a flexible VI platform. Sweden is our starting market where we now further develop our solutions according to customers’ more precise needs.

Increased efficency

Our solution increases efficiency where we can save costs and social resources. Below are 10 concrete benefits.

  1. Most of the information is collected at up to 80 km/h.
  2. Collected data can be used for a huge number of different analyses.
  3. We can easily tailor exactly what is to be analyzed and how to present results in reports for decision support.
  4. We identify deviations at an early stage, which means that measures can be implemented with improved timing.
  5. With objective decision support, different needs can be compared and prioritized on an objective basis.
  6. With better and more comprehensive decision support, we minimize the need for physical inspections in the field.
  7. Over time, the system will also be able to forecast changes, which further improves our decision support for prioritizing measures.
  8. All data and decision support are delivered in an easy-to-use online platform developed for Swedish authorities’ data security requirements.
  9. With more efficient information collection, we can reduce disruptions in traffic for citizens.
  10. Data can easily be shared by several authorities, which further reduces costs and opens up for collaboration.
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The 2030 Agenda

To achieve the goals of the 2030 Agenda, we must try new ways of doing things better, more efficient and with less resources. AI will be an important part of this development.

Our vision is a sustainable society where Sweden takes a leading international role in the development of more efficient administration and improved planning of public infrastructure.

What are your needs?

We are responsive and have a technical solution with great flexibility. Feel free to contact us with your needs, both those you see in the short term and the needs/visions you have in the longer term.

When we hear from you, we will of course also tell you more about our solution, the technical platform, the quality of the data collected, our research collaborations, our vision and our team.